Whole House Remodels When Land is Scarce

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Sedona is home to people from around the world because of the high desert mountain beauty, and good weather for out door living.  Most residents have made a conscience choice to be here.  Good land is scarce, so many people purchase older homes and update them inside and out.  The industry often calls these project "whole house remodels".

3D technology helps you visualize what your remodel will look like inside and out.  Check with your designer about expertise in this technology.  The scope of a whole house remodel is much like the design of a custom home.  An experienced designer can help you make many decision from exterior beauty, to kitchen and bathroom design.  You will need a full set of permit drawings and details for constrution, including the interior details.  

Check that your designer has good relationships with experienced general contractors.  You will need a full professional team that includes a specialty residential designer or architect, a general contractor with a full subcontractor team, and sometimes other professional specialties like structural engineering.

A final word of advice:  Do not cut corners.  Good drawings and tight specifications are your best friend!