architectural design


Sustainble Sedona is a full service single family residential building design and interior design business.  Our building design component looks at house design primarily from the outside in, so that your home will fit the lay of the land it occupies and comply with all the pertinent building codes.  The design of a house goes hand in hand with interior design, a specialty service that looks at building design primarily from the inside out, so that your home will be a precise fit your way of life.  There is tremendous value in each service, and it is rare to see these disciplines integrated so completely.  You can expect a unique blend of both building design and interior design when Sustainable Sedona is at your side.  You can also expect an exciting home with design continuity inside and out.

Your house will require decisions about hardscape, landscape, exterior cladding, roof design, doors and windows, plumbing systems, mechanical systems, electrical systems.  You will receive all the professional help you want from Sustainable Sedona to give you a dwelling that is everything that you need and want.

3-D Modeling and Drafting Technology:  You will find the architectural design process easier than you think, since we use the latest software to model your house and make presentations to you for your review and feedback.  3-D modeling makes it exciting for you to experience the world of design and express your thoughts about your home.  It eliminates the guesswork and speeds up the whole process…and promotes more beauty and inspiration.

Building your Team: Multiple disciplines may come into play for your project.  It is wise to choose the right team to design your new custom home or major remodel.  We recommend an integrated design team approach where all parties, including designers, engineers, contractors, suppliers and special consultants, collaborate to make your project a success.

Building your Budget:  Cost estimating is a complex process.  So it is our advice to have your project designed completely before you build it.  We recommend a “front loaded” approach where you make every decisions, inside and out, that can be included in the final construction drawings, so as to eliminate the guessing game in pricing your project.  The decision to “front load” may be the best fiscal decision you can make!

What you will receive:  Sustainable Sedona architectural design culminates in a detailed set of drawings and specifications for the building and its interior that covers:

  • Site and landscapes: that respect the planet.
  • Patios and decks: that suit life in the high desert region of Sedona.
  • Building footprints: that are optimized for space efficiency and passive solar building orientation.
  • Exterior massing: that fits the natural beauty of the region.
  • Floor layouts: that make the most of every cubic inch of space.
  • Electrical and lighting layouts: that account for energy efficiency and how you use your home every day.
  • Doors and windows: that are optimized for views and energy efficiency.
  • Building products: including electrical, lighting, plumbing, equipment, appliances, materials and finishes that are durable and current…and beautiful, too.
  • Structural systems: through collaboration with special consultants to give you a safe, low maintenance dwelling, which will out-perform and outlast the homes of previous generations.
  • Interior design: that includes flooring, wall finishes, ceiling heights, cabinets, and storage that reflects how you and your family choose to live in today’s world.
  • Accessibly features: that will serve the young and old alike.
  • Permit requirements: that satisfy the local jurisdictions and third party architectural review.

Please enjoy our Portfolio of projects!