How do you define "Sustainability" when it comes to architectural and interior design? It can be summed up in the simple concept of "balance".

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How do you define "Sustainability"? It can be summed up in the simple concept of "balance in all things". Frankly, if anything is too far out of balance it will not sustain for long. A top will stop spinning when it gets out of balance...and sadly your check may bounce if you spend more that you have.

If we look at the work of Mother Nature over the millenniums, we will see how the forces of nature have shifted the over and over again in the attempt to strike a new and better balance. Just take a cruise on Lake Powel in Arizona, and you will see Her haunting glyphic inscriptions written on the canyon walls of this man-made lake. How about residential architecture and interior design? The same holds true. Our dwellings must be in balance with how we choose to live in our homes, and what our planet can support in the long hall.

That said, Sustainable Sedona will always put you first with your desires to build a new home or remodel your existing home. You will tell us how "green" you want to go, and we will take you there. Of course we hope your home will be a good example of responsible architectural and interior design. So we will coach you about the green building technologies AND sustainable styles that will stand a longer test of time.

There are so many ways to bring a better balance to our planet and sustain the quality of your life. Here are a few.

  • Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms that are configured to the best size to feel big and flow according you how you use your home.
  • Plumbing that saves water but still gives you the feel of luxury.
  • Appliances that fit the style of your home but cost you less for you to operate.
  • Cabinets that integrate with your interior design but do not give off harmful gasses.
  • Interior and exterior materials that combine to create beauty and inspiration for you, but fit the region and come from responsible sources.
  • Flooring that looks and feels luxurious, but is lasting and easy for you to maintain.
  • Lighting that looks and functions the way you want, but reduces your cost to operate.
  • Windows and doors that connect to your views and outdoor living spaces, but are engineered to save more energy.
  • Curb-less showers, large door openings, single level planning and future planning for lifts and elevators that allow you to age in place.
  • Air filters and contaminate control features that give you better indoor air quality.
  • Passive solar architectural orientation that takes advantage of the patterns of the sun each day of the year, with no cost to you, just mindful planning from your designers.
  • Heating and cooling that does a better job with a thoughtful building envelope strategy.
  • Building details that control moisture and prevent heat loss and gain.
  • Site stewardship that mitigates erosions and rainwater waste and saves the precious vegetation in the high desert land we all love, Sedona!
  • Finally, you can tell us how green you want to be, from “mindfully green” to LEED Platinum certification, and Sustainable Sedona will get you there with pleasure!