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How To Choose A Builder

When it comes to choosing a builder or Sedona remodeling contractor there are some very important things to consider. Not all contractors are alike. Some are terrific when it comes to construction, but not design. Others are OK with design but not so good with construction. Most home owners want great design AND great construction. Often, this is not available in one package. It is a good practice to separate design from construction to make sure you get the best of both worlds, especially if you want quality house remodeling, kitchen remodeling, bath remodeling, or a new addition to your home.  Here are three important considerations.

  • Budget Building. When it comes to saving money, it is also important to consider the remodeling contractor's ability to build a realistic budget. Often a remodeling contractor will jump straight into the remodel without creating a preliminary budget. It is difficult to create a budget if the design has not been worked out, which is all too often the case. It is best to have the design developed and on paper in the language of construction to estimate the real scope of work. The assistance of a house designer, architect, or an interior designer who is trained to create good design documents will help to eliminate the cost estimating guesswork and save you money. The cost of design is usually much smaller the wasted construction money.

  • Construction Time frame. When it comes to saving time, it is important to have design work out in advance of the start of construction. Remodeling contractors can work faster if all the decisions are made ahead of time. It takes time to place and receive orders for things like cabinetry, lighting fixtures, tile, carpet, counter tops, appliances, plumbing fixtures, hardware for doors, cabinets, closets and the list goes on! So, stay ahead of the game with design and you will stay ahead of your finances.

  • Reputation.  When it comes to reputation, it is critical to work with remodeling contractors who are properly licensed and bonded, and who will stand by the work after the project is completed. Check with the Arizona Contractor's Board to screen you contractors before you hire them.


Finally schedule a meeting with your design professional before you hire a contractor and make sure you get all your remodeling questions answered with certainty.

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