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How To Choose A Building Designer

When it comes to the design of a custom Sedona home, a design professional is an essential ingredient to your team.  Sedona is filled with talented professionals who are committed to design excellence, so there will be no shortage of choices in Sedona.  Here are 5 ways to help you narrow the field and make your selection.

  1. Education  A good education is the foundation of any career.  Choose a professional who has a minimum of 4 years of advanced education with a strong background in building science, sustainability, building design and interior design, preferable single-family residential design.  The design of single family residences is a very specialized form of architecture that differs from the design of a commercial building.  It involves a deep interest and understanding of family life and how people use the interior of their home as much as site planning and construction technology.

  2. Experience.  Experience picks up where education leaves off.  A seasoned professional with a rich portfolio of residential projects over many years of practice will be much more valuable than someone fresh from the university or new to the business.

  3. Breadth Of Service.  Scope of service can vary from a basic set of drawings to obtain your building permit, to a comprehensive set of building design and interior design documents that will cover everything you need to get your permit, accurate and reliable pricing, construction cost control and contractor compliance.  There is a tremendous economy of scale in a full-service contract.

  4. Local Reputation.  Design excellence is a must.  Reputation gives you the assurance that others have had a great experience.  Be sure to ask for client references and talk with people who have worked with your candidates.  Word of mouth helps, but actual endorsements are the best.

  5. RAPPORT.  Rapport is the vital test of communication.  You are choosing more than a business, you are choosing a person with whom you will spend many hours...someone you feel you can trust.   Your choice must be a great listener and a great adviser.  Your pro will be translating what they hear from you into the design of your house.  This person will be your guide through all the important decisions and represent your interests throughout construction and serve as your exclusive advocate.

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