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How To Choose Vacant Land For A New Home

Selecting land for a new home in Sedona is a critical first step in the design process.  There are so many factors to consider, and your realtor may not think of them as a residential designer does.  It is good advice to have a professional designer with you as you narrow down your options.  As you look for vacant land, here are a few more tips to keep in mind before you sign on the dotted line for a land purchase.

  1. Solar Orientation. You may find a lot with great views but a not-so-great solar orientation. Your Sedona view may be facing the setting sun! We all know how hot the summer setting sun can get as it pours in from the West. Don't buy a view that you will need to cover up with window blinds.

  2. Sloping Lots. Let's face it, Sedona is a mountain community, so perfectly level lots are in very short supply, especially flat lots with views. You may see a lot that seems fairly flat, but don't be deceived. Check to see if a Topographical survey is available and consult with a design professional to help you interpret it. There is added cost to build on lots with anything other than a gentle slope.

  3. Soil Composition. When you are building on a sloping lot, there can be needing to cut into the lot and or fill portions of the lot to form the footprint of the house, especially if you are looking for single level living. A soil study will help you determine the makeup of the land below the surface. There could be costly surprises like bed rock and water flow that can influence the design.

  4. Native Vegetation. The beautiful vegetation of the high desert Sedona region is not easy to replicate. Replacing a beautiful native Cypress, Juniper or Pinion can cost thousands of dollars. Try to choose a lot that will allow you to keep as much of this beauty as possible.

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