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Sustainable Homes

What does “Sustainability” mean when it comes to architectural and interior design?  It can be summed up with the simple concept of “balance”.  Unfortunately, many dwellings are built out of balance.   Frankly, if anything is too far out of balance it will not sustain for long.  A top will stop spinning when it gets out of balance. The land will erode unnecessarily. The good news is that with the way homes are being built today, balance can be restored through mindful home design.

Let your home stand the test of time

SUSTAINABLE SEDONA will put you first with your desires for a home.  But we will also aim for responsible architectural and interior design built according to today’s building sciences. There are so many good ways to bring a better balance to our homes and planet Earth. So, tell us how “green” you want to be, and we will take you there with pleasure!

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