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Here is a description of the Sustainable Sedona residential planning and design services by phase to help you see how we will work together.  We are available from start to finish to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible.

Our Process

phase 1


Sustainable Sedona meets with you, listens to your goals and makes them the first priority.  Pre-design sets the foundation of the design for a targeted outcome.  We collect all the essentials to mobilize for design:​

  • Your life style preferences and how you expect to live in your home

  • Your room by room requirements

  • Site information such as lot size location and features

  • Neighborhood requirements

  • Permit requirements

phase 2

preliminary design meetings

Sustainable Sedona translates your goals into a preliminary 3D model for you to review and provide feedback in our design review meetings.  This phase focuses on flow and function including:

  • 3D model review

  • Site planning

  • Residential building design

  • Passive solar orientation

  • Overall interior space with area calculations and room sizes

  • Room configurations and adjacency requirements

phase 3

design development meetings

Sustainable Sedona refines the design of your home down to the finest detail, inside and out in 3D.  You may find this to be the “fun” stage if you enjoy the art and science  of design.  We collaborate with you in each meeting to finalize:

  • The 3D model

  • Building materials like roofing, siding, windows, doors and trims

  • Interior design of hard surfaces like flooring, tile, stone, paint, and wood

  • Lighting design with switching, dimming, energy efficiency, and special effects

  • Cabinet design and configurations

  • Window and door planning with style, configuration and efficiencies

  • Plumbing, appliance, equipment and hardware selections

phase 4

construction drawings

Sustainable Sedona prepares the technical drawings, details and written specifications for your home inside and out, so your house can be built exactly as you have come to expect.  The drawings are used to get  accurate pricing from your general contractor, building permits from local jurisdictions, and design compliance during construction.  Drawings may include:

  • Site plan

  • Building sections and elevations

  • Floor plans

  • Electrical and lighting plans

  • Furniture plans

  • Foundation, and framing plans (coordination through structural engineer)

  • Interior elevations and details

  • Written specifications

phase 5

construction site visits

Once your project is under construction you will have Sustainable Sedona expertise on your project during construction.  We will be available to you and your contractor throughout the entire construction phase.  Benefits include:

  • Answers to questions from you or the construction team

  • Assurance that the design intent is not misinterpreted or overlooked

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